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reaching and restoring ALL WOMEN touched by the life and service of a combat veteran of any conflict through retreat weekends, seminars, conferences, publications, social networking, peer group support and mentoring
Offering Hope and Healing
for the Invisible Wounds of War on the Home Front

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Lord, show me the way to my own healing, even if it means doing those things that don’t come easily.
Haven’t we sacrificed enough?
I feel like I'm going crazy, am I the only one going through this?
Are there any resources available for me? There seem to be many to help my husband, but I need help, too!
I just need to connect with someone who can help me gain a new sense of hope for the future.
Nov 1-2, 2013, Columbus, GA (Ft. Benning area) and beyond - join us!
THANK YOU VETERANS! We honor you by honoring the WOMEN in your lives!!
I find joy in nothing, not even in my favorite people or places or hobbies anymore.
Oct. 12-14, 2014 - When War Comes Home DON'T RETREAT - REGISTER NOW!
JOIN TEAM HOPE - give just $15/mo and make a difference... Heart to Heart!
Hope For The Homefront


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Our friends are injured too. The men he trained with & their wives have inner wounds we don't dare mention
Haven’t we sacrificed enough?
I find joy in nothing, not even in my favorite people or places or hobbies anymore.
I am growing weary waiting for my warrior to heal.

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Glen Eyrie Castle & Conference Center May 13-15, 2011


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Women whose lives are connected to combat veterans know that the aftermath of war is a battle fought and won on the home front.

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